Exterior Detailing

The weather here in CT can be particularly hard on your vehicle's exterior. That is why is important to, at the bare minimum, have your vehicle fully detailed and protected at the beginning of winter and more importantly at the end of winter. Doing this will give your vehicle and its paint the best chance for longevity, as well as added benefits such as high gloss and self cleaning abilities.

For exterior detailing there are two options offered outside of paint correction. The first option offered is a basic exterior wash (included in all full details)

Basic Exterior Wash Starts at $59.99 (1-2 hours)

Q:What is a basic exterior wash?

A: A basic exterior wash is simply put, is a wash that will safely and efficiently clean your car and produce great results. If your looking for the cheapest and fastest option for a car wash then we are most likely not the best fit for you. That being said the basic exterior wash is a great way to bring back your vehicles shine and make you proud to turn around and look at your car.


1. Spray Wax/Sealant (3-4 weeks)

2. Thorough cleaning of wheels/wells

3. Removal of all bugs and road tar

4. Safe wash methods using quality wash mitts and microfiber towels that greatly reduce chance of scratches and swirling

5. Cleaning of interior and exterior windows

6. Tire shine

Wash and Wax Starting at $99.99 (2-3 hours)

Q: What is a Wash and Wax detail?

A: The wash and wax detail service is our most thorough and meticulous detail package short of paint correction. This package is a great way to bring out your cars full potential in gloss and shine with the added benefit of long lasting protection. 


1. Thorough cleaning of wheels, wells and tires using a multitude of brushes and chemicals

2. Thorough hand wash of the paint using quality wash mitts and microfiber towels to greatly reduce scratching and swirling.

3. Decontamination of the paint including a clay bar treatment and iron removal as necessary

4. Machine applied wax/sealant over all painted surfaces.

5. Cleaning of the interior and exterior windows, including a glass coating on the windshield (Think Rainx, but longer lasting).

6. Tire Shine

Bav Auto Detailing
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