Maintenance Interior Cleaning (1-1.5 hours)  Starts at $85

Only Available to those who have received a full interior detail in the previous 8-10 weeks


- Thorough vacuum                                                                                                

- Leather is conditioned and plastic is dressed                                                  

- All Windows cleaned                                                            

- Interior is thoroughly cleaned to remove all (light) dirt and dust  

- Spot stain removal/Shampoo    

Full Interior Detail   (2-4.5 hours)

This a deep clean that can take up to 4 hours to finish, this detail will fully all dirt/dust and any stubborn stains. 


- Thorough and meticulous Vacuum                                                                                

- All Windows Cleaned

- All dust and dirt removed from leather and plastics

- Shampooing of all upholstery/carpet

- Door jambs thoroughly cleaned

-Fabric protectant applied to prevent future staining

-Steam Cleaning


Small Car/Coupe($150-$165)     


Mid Size/2 Row($175-$200)     

Large/3 Row($200-$225)

Note: Price will exceed these ranges if the vehicle is found to be in the following conditions: Smoker car, Heavy Pet Hair, Excessive Staining.

Bav Auto Detailing
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