Maintenance Interior Cleaning (1-1.5 hours)  Starts at $85

Only Available to those who have received a full interior detail in the previous 8-10 weeks


- Thorough vacuum                                                                                                

- Leather is conditioned and plastic is dressed                                                  

- All Windows cleaned                                                            

- Interior is thoroughly cleaned to remove all (light) dirt and dust  

- Spot stain removal/Shampoo    

Silver Interior Detail

New this year for the 2022 detailing season, we are introducing another interior detailing option for those who have either a newer or cleaner car that may still require a detail similar to a full detail. Same steps and processes that are used with the Gold full detail are applied here with the exception on the shampooing or steaming of the carpets inside the vehicle. 

Pricing for the Silver Interior Detail are as follows 

Small Car/Coupe $100-120

Sedan $120-140

Mid Size 2-Row $130-150

Large/3 Row $150-170

(If a car is a smoker car, contains heavy pet hair, or is excessively stained and dirty, only a Gold full interior detail will be prescribed so that professional results can be maintained.)

Gold (Full) Interior Detail   (2-4.5 hours)

This a deep clean that can take up to 4 hours to finish, this detail will fully all dirt/dust and any stubborn stains. 


- Thorough and meticulous Vacuum                                                                                

- All Windows Cleaned

- All dust and dirt removed from leather and plastics

- Shampooing of all upholstery/carpet

- Door jambs thoroughly cleaned

-Fabric Protectant applied to prevent future staining

-Steam Cleaning


Small Car/Coupe($150-$165)     


Mid Size/2 Row($175-$200)     

Large/3 Row($200-$225)

Note: Price will exceed these ranges if the vehicle is found to be in the following conditions: Smoker car, Heavy Pet Hair, Excessive Staining.

Bav Auto Detailing
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