Paint Correction (4-15+ hours) 

Paint correction is the targeted removal of small paint defects and swirls through the removal of a small amount of clear coat using a machine polisher. This process will bring out the maximum amount of gloss out of your vehicle's paint while also removing small to medium scratching.


- One Step Polish

A one step polish is a paint enhancement process that involves a combination polish/compound product that will remove 50% to 75% of paint swirls and defects on paint.

- 2 Step Correction

 This is a full paint enhancement process that will remove as many swirls and paint defects as possible while maintaining a reasonable amount of clear coat (90%+). Prices for a 2 step correction are only determined after a full inspection of the vehicles paint.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings are longest lasting coatings on the market that will protect your paint for 3+ years while providing outstanding gloss and self cleaning capabilities. All ceramic coatings will require at least an one step polish before it is applied to give the best results.

Ceramic Coatings currently offered

P&S Inspiration Ceramic coating (3 years)

Bav Auto Detailing
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